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All about the Halloween Brawl Stars update

Brawl Stars Halloween update

October 31st is fast approaching, have you thought about getting ready for Halloween ? If IRL, it might be a bit complicated with the coronavirus and the never-ending curfew, gamers can always console themselves on their side. Like every year, most video games will take the opportunity to bring out pumpkins, skeletons and ghosts. Brawl Stars will be there with its special Halloween update and its share of surprises for the community. For those of you who didn't have the courage to read the whole description, we've summarised everything you need to know about this update.
Spoiler Alert! Players who prefer to discover everything for themselves are invited to skip the update. Get out of here! Go quickly before someone puts a curse on you.

Halloween is only a small part of the latest Brawl Stars update. There are a lot of balancing on the characters and the opening of the "Creator" mode to (almost) all players.

New skins Halloween with the Brawl Stars update

The game studio Supercell is never stingy with surprises to please its community. Used to creating short films to immerse players in the universe of its games, it has thus taken advantage of Halloween to create a nice little presentation video. In parallel, several new skins will be released for the occasion.

  • Underworld Bo and Zombibi ;
  • Brawloween Rosa ;
  • New skins Silver and Gold for Bull, Barley, Rico, Mortis, Frank.

But as good news never comes alone, you don't need to spend a fortune to get Brawloween Rosa. All you have to do is complete the Brawl-o-ween challenge.
We hope that Zombibi will scare your enemies more than you!

Halloween Brawl Stars update: balancing

The buffs:

  • 8-BIT His max HP increases from 4,300 to 4,800;
  • Colette : Her attack cooldown is increased by 11% and her Super cooldown by 100%;
  • Elis@ : The recharge of its main attack increases by 5%;
  • Gale : the recharge of his main attack increases by 14%;
  • Nita : Her main attack cooldown increases by 12%. Bruce can move while casting Bear Paws.


  • Bo : His mines now have a 1.5 second delay between detonation and explosion. This is even longer than for a normal mine;
  • Max : His Star Max power, which allows him to recharge faster, has had its effectiveness reduced by 50%.
With the Halloween Brawl Stars Max won't go so fast anymore
We don't worry too much about Max who should still be viable.

Introduction of a new Brawler: Amber

This legendary Brawler promises to make sparks fly. She's ready to set the battlefield on fire and wreak havoc on everything in her path. She promises to be particularly powerful, so we advise you to learn to master her quickly. We've taken a look at her stats for you:

  • Life : 4620 HP at level 10 is average.
  • Speed : Very fast, she can speed up even more with the help of her gadget.
  • Damage : Very good, its basic attack is divided into 40 flames sent in a burst. Each flame inflicts a maximum of 336, which is not impressive. But as they are fired in bursts, your HP can melt like snow in the sun.
  • Reload speed: this is Brawleur's weak point. Compared to other characters, taking into account the specificity of his flame attack, it's rather average.
  • Range : With 8.2 squares, its attack range is more than respectable.
Amber arrives with the Brawl Stars Halloween update

Whatever the game mode, Ambre will be a great asset to your team. Efficient in all aspects of the game, we'd rather have her with us than against us!

New designer mode with Brawl Stars Halloween update

The latest Brawl Stars update will also bring a big new feature. In addition to the Halloween theme, it introduces the "Creator" mode. This allows you to create your own map! Each player can store up to 5 maps simultaneously. The interface is quite easy to use and you just have to drag objects and other elements of the scenery onto the map.
After all those hours of beating up enemies, this is your chance to express your artistic soul! Then invite your friends to friendly matches for fun. Don't say a word, we see you coming to make maps that benefit your play style and your Brawlers!

Please note that this game mode is only accessible to those who have obtained 1,000 trophies. This is the only condition.

Creative mode arrives with Brawl Stars Halloween update

So now you know everything about this Halloween Brawl Stars update. We hope you'll have the chance to get Amber quickly and beat up your opponents with it. There are also some other little additions like teleporters, Halloween Survivor mode or the more regular appearance of Siege mode bolts. But for that, we trust you to figure it out on your own 😉

Tipsalewo A cocktail of mobile gaming,esport and K-PoP. Not tryhard enough to become a pro player, I am content with being the minstrel who tells the stories.

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