The Tribe Nine anime will have its own mobile RPG: the trailer is out!

Trailer Tribe Nine

Did you love the anime Tribe Nine, by the creators of Danganronpa and available on Crunchyroll? Good news: Akatsuki Games and Too Kyo Games have unveiled the trailer for the gacha RPG inspired by the series! Tribe Nine will be available on Android, iOS and PC, and a closed beta has already been announced. Find out more about what's in store for the gacha RPG Tribe Nine.

Tribe Nine, the "extreme" action RPG combining 3D and 2D pixel art

The gacha RPG Tribe Nine is the result of a collaboration between the developers atAkatsuki Games (DBZ Dokkan Battle, Atelier Resleriana and Romancing Saga) and Too Kyo Games (Death Come True, World's End Club and Master Detective Archives), the studio formed by the illustrator, scriptwriter and composer of the Danganronpa series.

Combat Tribe Nine RPG

Tribe Nine is billed as an "extreme" action RPG with gacha elements that plunges us into Neo Tokyo, the futuristic city where the events of the anime take place. The trailer shows that the game alternates between 3D combat and 2D exploration in a pixel art style.

Exploration Tribe Nine pixel art

In this anime game for mobile and PC, you'll play as a gang of three teenagers, each with their own fighting style, offering varied gameplay. As for the storyline, it's still unclear. All we know is that you'll have to fight to regain your stolen dreams and your freedom .

As with most titles in this genre, Tribe Nine's gameplay is based on combat, improving your heroes' skills, side quests, and solving puzzles and mini-games. All set in the intriguing world of Neo Tokyo (Akira fans will certainly appreciate this!).

Neo Tokyo Tribe Nine

Unlike the anime, where the combat system is inspired by the rules of baseball, this doesn't seem to be the case in the trailer, where we see combat based on spells and bullet hell. We'll know a bit more once the game launches its closed beta!

Tribe Nine Bullet hell combat

Tribe Nine closed beta coming soon to PC

If you're intrigued by the gacha RPG inspired by the anime Tribe Nine, you can pre-register for the closed beta now, which can be accessed directly from the game's official website. You'll have to be patient, though, as no date has yet been announced for this closed beta. But if you're interested in the game, you can already pre-register for it on Steam.

Tribe Nine character

On the other hand, Tribe Nine is not yet available on the Play Store and App Store, although we have confirmation from the developers that the title will indeed be available on Android and iOS mobiles! We'll be sure to keep you up to date with all the latest news about the game.

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