Star Wars KOTOR II comes to mobile

KOTOR II on mobile

A complicated name but a simple idea. Star Wars KOTOR II (Knights of the Old Republic II) is coming to mobile. This immensely popular role-playing game is not new, having arrived on consoles and PC in 2005. It has taken its time to find its way to our phones, but the large fan community should be back. Every time a new Star Wars game or movie comes out, we're rarely disappointed for nostalgia's sake alone. Star Wars KOTOR II is scheduled for release on 18 December, on both iOS and Android. Pre-registration is open if you want to be sure to be among the first players.

For those who are in too much of a hurry and have an itchy lightsaber, it is still possible to wait with Star Wars KOTOR. Indeed, the first opus has been on mobile support since 2014. It is currently on special offer and costs only 4.89 euros on the Google Play Store (instead of 9.99 euros).

The trailer for the mobile game

A complete mobile port for Star Wars KOTOR II

KOTOR II owes its mobile port to the studio AspyrMedia. They know their stuff and should give this legendary RPG a worthy second life. The studio is not a newcomer to the game and already has several big successes to its credit, such as Civilization VI and the first KOTOR. Fans can therefore wait until December 18th with confidence! Don't forget to make room for it on your phones. Downloading Star Wars KOTOR II will indeed require no less than 4 GB. So sort out your last holiday photos 😉

A full game also comes with a hefty price tag. KOTOR II on mobile will cost a whopping $14.99. This is much less than the original version, but higher than the average mobile game. But the business model is different and there should be no microtransactions.

Characters on KOTOR II

Slowly but surely

It's not clear why Star Wars KOTOR II has taken so long to come to mobile. An eternity has passed since its original release (2005). More than 5 years have also passed between the mobile port of the first and the second opus. Aspyr Media took its time and many fans had already given up hope of playing KOTOR II on mobile. Some would say that the time lapse was a marketing choice. But it should also be noted that porting is a complex process. KOTOR II on mobile will have exactly the same richness as on PC. The only differences are that the controls have been adapted to play on a phone and that thetouch screenis fully mobilised.

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