Similo game comes to mobile in beta

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Similo is a themed deduction card game that will soon be released on mobile. It has proven to be ideal during the lockdown period to pass the time by having fun with family and friends. In the future, it will soon be possible to take it with you everywhere on your phone, as a beta version is planned for this September. The adaptation will be for iOS and Android.

The beta will not be available to everyone. In order to be one of the lucky ones, you must register via this link and fill in various information about yourself. For your information, the test period will be short and will only last a fortnight.

The game is coming soon to your smartphones.

What is Similo?

This card game appeared in 2020 and was a quick success. It is the work of three experienced authors: Pierluca Zizzi, Hjalmar Hach and Martino Chiacchiera. There are three packs that correspond to particular themes (stories, tales and myths) and set the scene for the game. In all cases, the aim of this cooperative game is the same. You have to findthe original card by elimination and by working hand in hand with your teammates. You will have to communicate, share clues and above all trust each other to get through this mobile Similo.

Similo game comes to mobile

The rules are very simple and the game is therefore easy to learn. This avoids the need for lengthy instructions. In addition, the illustrations are particularly good. We can only hope that the mobile version of Similo will be of the same standard.

What is the benefit of a Similo mobile version?

Similo is a nice game, but why adapt it to mobile? The first answer is that it's convenient. Beyond transportation, it's not always easy to get enough friends in the same place to play. But with the ability to play online, distances no longer matter.

In addition, the classic version of Similo requires a Game Master. This is not always the most fun role to play during the game, besides taking away a potential player. Presumably, with the mobile version, the Game Master could be automated. This way, no time would be wasted on deciding who gets to play and the rules would be followed to the letter. While waiting for the Similo beta, be sure to check out the multiplayer games for new ways to have fun with friends on mobile.

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