Relic Strike early access available on Android

Relic Strike early access available on Android

Fancy an easy to play portrait roguelike? Then let me introduce you to the Relic Strike early access on Android, the new Archero-like from Square Enix. Let's discover together our first impressions on the game, as well as how to download it without going through the Google Play Store.

A Archero-like with gacha components

In this Relic Strike early access, we discover a story mode divided into many levels. Each of them includes a series of rooms populated by various monsters to defeat by alternating between your 3 heroes before moving on to the next room.

At the end of each room, you have to choose between 3 bonuses, which can improve your attack speed, regain health points, double your attacks and many others. In addition to that, other random bonuses will unlock depending on the levels you unlock during your run.

To permanently upgrade your heroes, you can equip them with weapons and armor pieces collected during your games. In addition, even if you fail in the middle of a level, you still get the rewards collected so far, which allows you to come back stronger.

Just like the games it is inspired by, such as Archero or Arcade Hunter, the Relic Strike early access gameplay is very simple to handle. Indeed, you have a single button to move your characters. To attack, you just have to stop your movement.

Download the Relic Strike early access on Android

Currently, the Relic Strike early access on Android is not available on the Google Play Store in France. However, you can still download and play it today.

Relic Strike early access gameplay

To do this, you just have to go to the APK Combo website and download the game by clicking on the Download APK button. All that's left to do is install it by following the instructions on your smartphone and start slaughtering the countless monsters that are in your way.

So much for our first impressions of Relic Strike's early access. You now know what this new game from Square Enix has in store for you and how to access it right now. To stay informed about your favorite games and new releases, I redirect you to our page dedicated to mobile news.

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