Release of Potion Permit Mobile: Get your Chemist's Skills ready!

Release of Potion Permit mobile

Playdigious has just released Potion Permit mobile for iOS and Android. Originally a PC game developed by MassHive Media, the game has now been ported over to mobile platforms. Released on the 6th of February, 2024, Potion Permit is available at $4.99, featuring a unique mobile-centric UI, alongside controller support and optimization for the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max. What does this cute game have in store for you? Get your cauldron ready and find out what the release of Potion Permit mobile has in store for you!

What's behind the release of Potion Permit mobile?

Potion Permit, an open-ended simulation RPG initially released for PC on 2022 by MassHive Media, has been faithfully ported over by PlayDigious for iOS and Android devices. The good news is, all features that existed in the PC version are also present for the release of Potion Permit Mobile. PlayDigious, the French developers are indeed well renowned for working on high-quality Indie games such as Streets of Rage 4 and Northgard.

Release Potion Permit Mobile

With the release of Potion Permit Mobile, you play a chemist, who has just moved from the big city to a quaint little town called Moonbury. With the city struck by a disaster thanks to the previous town’s chemist, it is now your job to cure them of their ailments by exploring the nearby wilderness to gather supplies but to also increase your reputation and eventually win them over.

If you are a fan of grinding, you’ll find yourself foraging around the wilderness, trying to get your hands on more rare supplies. Here are some of the most iconic features of Potion Permit that set the game apart:

Find the best cure for the villagers

When interacting with most NPCs, you start off by diagnosing them, based on the symptoms described by villagers. After you do diagnose them, you are now tasked with brewing them a potion after you gather all the required ingredients.

Puzzle Portion in Relase of Potion Permit Mobile

Instead of a typical RPG, where you'd toss all the supplies in a cauldron and call it a day, you will have to pick them up together and carefully place them. Every item in the game consists of an element and colored tiles. These elements then come together and turn into a puzzle that you'll need to complete and solve for your patients to get what they desire, which keeps the gameplay loop quite fresh and exciting

Many activities and objectives to accomplish

  • Fishing: the fishing system in Potion Permit will no doubt remind some of you of Stardew Valley.

Release of Potion Permit Mobile : fishing

  • Make friends and improve your reputation: after you treat the villagers, you'll be able to befriend them, and you'll progress by getting reputation points for your troubles. This reputation eventually has the entire village warm up to you, with more NPCs heading your way to get cured. Strengthening ties with villagers also gives you the chance to improve Moonbury's buildings, as well as unlocking resources to decorate your home!

  • Exploration and combats: gathering potion supplies isn't that easy in Potion Permit. The entire wilderness is filled to the brim with hostile NPCs who attack you. Combat in itself isn't that very difficult, most enemies are extremely easy to predict, and you can dodge them with a roll or two and then eventually kill them.

In Potion Permit, you'll be accompanied on your various quests by an adorable dog, who will help you find the hidden objects!

Potion Permit Exploration

All of the above-mentioned features come in to form a satisfying game loop in a pixel-perfect environment. At the start of each day, you find out which patients have arrived at your clinic. Potion Permit strays away from most life simulators that tend to feel mundane after only a few hours of gameplay.

The combat, the dialogue with the villagers, and the progression system of the game that involves both reputation and the natural upgradation of your tools keep Potion Permit fun and exciting for a long.

What’s Coming For In The Release of Potion Permit mobile

Playdigious has spent a bit of time changing the game’s overall flow to match a more mobile-centric experience in the release of Potion Permit mobile. Because of this, you can expect the following from the mobile game:

  • Cross-Saving: Players can share their progress and saves between Android devices and iOS devices.

    Potion permit being played on phone

  • MFI Controller Support: Usually Not compatible with most games from the get-go, Potion Permit supports all mobile-based controllers right out of the box.

  • Mobile Friendly Interface: Much of the UI and interface has been changed to accommodate the touch screen, allowing players to enjoy the game without needing a keyboard and mouse.

Besides this, the game is optimized for mobile platforms, promising great frame rates for the iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max in particular. Ready to test your chemistry skills? Don't wait any longer to enjoy the release of Potion Permit mobile!

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