The roguelite shooter Brotato mobile enters pre-registration

Pre-registration for Brotato: Premium on Android and iOS mobiles

Available in early access on Steam for a few months, the roguelite shooter Brotato: Premium opens its pre-registrations on mobile before hitting the stores. Like Vampire Survivors, this title offers you to shoot hordes of enemies at close range in a hand-drawn cartoon universe. And above all, you are an overarmed potato who intends to resist and survive all dangers.

Pre-order Brotato on iOS and Android

For some reason, humans love potatoes and all their pop culture variations. So, it's certain that a Rambo potato will boost the pre-registrations for Brotato mobile. This top-down shooter is graphically reminiscent of The Binding of Isaac but with a healthy dose of explosives in its gameplay.

In top view, control a rampaging potato. To repel enemies, accumulate up to 6 equipped guns. With this mix of weapons, Brotato offers you to create a unique and strategic stuff.

Pre-order Brotato on mobile before release date

You can pre-register for Brotato: Premium on Android, iOS and PC. The pre-order costs 4.99 euros. In fact, it's questionable whether the port will live up to the original, since blobfishdev's title has a near-perfect score on Steam, after an outstanding reception by the gaming public.

Release date of Brotato on mobile

For mobile, Brotato: Premium does not have an exact release date yet. However, we know that the title published by Erabit studios should be released before August 2023. Moreover, Erabit studios, which is in charge of the porting, has already released 20 Minutes Till Dawn, another very nervous shooter, in pixel art. This gives good hope on the quality of the release of Brotato. August 2023 is the deadline set by the developers as a potential release on the game's App Store page.

Then you can play your own warrior potato on Brotato mobile for the release of the game before the summer!

Welcome to the potato house

Choose from one of the 12 potato characters available upon release of Brotato, such as the thrifty one who taps harder and harder when his purse is full or the pacifist who starts the game unable to tap his opponents and must find other ways to get by. Enter the arena for a 30 minute run and create your own build with hundreds of items and weapons available.

Gameplay Brotato: Premium for Android and iOS release

For the aggressive side, I recommend the circular saw or the potato launcher (and no it's not an expression, you really shoot potatoes) or you can always arm yourself with a slingshot and small rocks for more rustic fights.

Exterminate your enemies and then collect the resources they drop to gain experience and money and upgrade your little alien-killing potato between rounds. You still have several months to pre-register for Brotato: Premium before its release on mobile, so take advantage of it!

Yaya Yaya would never have spent a single cent on a mobile game. At least, that's what the legend says.

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