The Pac-Man GEO mobile game has arrived!

Pac-Man GEO mobile

What cave do you live in if the Pac-Man game series doesn't ring a bell? The little yellow goofy character is an iconic video game licence. While the arcade game dates back to another era, a new mobile version aims to give it a makeover. Pac-Man GEO is now out on iOS and Android and features an exclusive adventure directly linked to real places on Earth!

Pac-Man GEO will not use your mobile 's geolocation system like Pokemon GO or The Witcher: Monster Slayer. The game simply features maps based on real locations. Rest assured, it's not your garden or your holiday home, but famous places like Time Square or theArc de Triomphe.

The trailer of the Pac-Man Geo game.

Pac-Man GEO: a true-to-life mobile game

Pac-Man GEO is faithful to its historical scenario. It's still about moving through mazes, eating all the pac-gummies and avoiding the monsters. Except that, this time, the setting of these labyrinths is real life! Beyond this very philosophical metaphor, it's a nice wink for the players. The game will also be very community-oriented. In addition to being free, the different maps of the world are to be discovered and shared with other players. This little side of mutual aid between the different gamers of the world is rather nice.

Place Charles de Gaulle in Pac-Man GEO mobile

Several game modes and power-ups

Pac-Man Geo will have two game modes at release:

  • Map Mode: constant levels to be shared between players;
  • Tour Mode: temporary levels where players compete indirectly for exclusiverewards badges and avatars.

The Pac-Man GEO mobile game will allow you to collect rewards as you progress. They allow your Pac-Man to power-up to gain in power. Other aesthetic bonuses such as collectible miniatures can also be won.

Some had already spotted the game when it was in pre-registration. Don't hesitate to check our list regularly to be aware of the new previews 😉

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