Official release of Northgard on April 13 on iOS

official release of Northgard on mobile

The official release of Northgard on mobile now has a date! The strategy game, released on PC in 2018, will arrive on our phones on April 13 . This is good news for the community that has been waiting for many months. The release unfortunately only concernsiOS users for the moment. For those who play on Android, they will have to wait a little longer. It is planned that a version will be released "later this year" but we have no further details to offer.

While Northgard has already sold over 2 million units (PC and console versions), a similar success is expected with the mobile version.

Interested in pre-registration?

Pre-registration opens before the official release of Northgard

The most impatient players can pre-register. In addition, Playdigious has decided to make a gesture by offering a 10% discount for pre-orders ($7.99 instead of $8.99). It's not the deal of the century, but it's still a nice initiative. If you're going to play the game anyway, there's no reason to pass up this offer.

The amount is still substantial for a mobile game. The majority of games are based on a free-to-play model that includes microtransactions. But the official release of Northgard on mobile will remain very economical. As a reminder, the PC version costs $29.99 and the console version $34.99! While the mobile port promises to be complete and as rich as the original versions, the consumer is doing very well.

An Age of Empires-style management game

farm in Northgard official release on mobile
Develop your camp to access new technologies.

For those of you who are not familiar with the game, you still have a few weeks to learn more before the official release of Northgard. This management and strategy game offers a colourful adventure. It immerses you in the Viking world and its myths of the Great North. In a hostile environment, you will be in charge of your camp. It is up to you to recruit new members, assign them to tasks (farmer, navigator, etc.) and develop your group.

Exploration, combat, technology... There are many ways to advance. In addition to facing the elements and the many dangers present in this universe, you will have to face other players (friends or AI).

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