Appearance of the video chat Monopoly to see your enemies cry

video monopoly cat marmalade

While this video chat Monopoly may seem anecdotal, it is worth remembering that it is this kind of service that has brought people together during long periods of distance or isolation such as the successive confinements during the pandemic. Today, even though these living conditions are further behind us every day, people need to get closer again. So why say no to Monopoly video access? And perhaps to remember, around a table, even a virtual one, the joy of flashing a wry smile at your opponent who has just stumbled upon your most prized possession.

Bringing the social back into the heart of Monopoly with the video chat

Rather than explain it all to you, I'm using the blog post from the studio behind the mobile port. After all, who better to explain this Monopoly update with video chat than one of Marmalade' s directors?

At Marmalade, our goal is to bring people together through quality play experiences. This goal is at the heart of everything we produce, so integrating an in-game video chat has long been an essential part of our work. Until now, video chat in-game has always involved the use of additional and diverse external applications. These were used for voice communication as well as for text exchanges between players, while one was thinking about strategy or another was sharing game codes. All this could become very confusing.

Quote from Cristina Mereuta, COO of Marmalade Game Studio

The video chat Monopoly has therefore been awaited for some time by the team and the public.

video chat monopoly mobile

By bringing the pre-game text chat and video chat in-game directly into the game app, we're making sure there's a simple solution for people of all ages to get together to play. With this new feature from video chat in MONOPOLY, you can now push your grandmother into bankruptcy while sitting on the bus and watch her face break down as you take her money - in-game of course!

Also quote from Cristina Mereuta

It wasn't me... she said to make granny cry! I knew that regular Monopoly players were a bit psychopathic around the edges. And for those who like strategy, the bestmobile trading card gamesare also a good option.

Yaya Yaya would never have spent a single cent on a mobile game. At least, that's what the legend says.

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