Mobile Games News Review | Week of May 24 to 28, 2021

Mobile games review week 21

Discover the weekly recap of the mobile games news of the week of May 24 to 28, 2021! We'll let you find out all about it. ⬇️

1️⃣ My Lovely Planet mobile game project: the co-founder of the search engine Lilo wants to create a green mobile game that turns your in-game actions into actions for the planet.

2️⃣ The new MMORPG Moonlight Sculptor is available on iOS and Android. The title features 5 classes, the alchemist, archer, mage, paladin, warrior and a special class, the sculptor. You will find a huge open world, dungeons and raids as well as a battlefield and a 1v1 arena.

3️⃣ Season 4 of Call of Duty Mobile has begun. We leave Asia for the West and a Western universe! During the Spurned and Burned season, the law of the strongest will reign!

4️⃣ Lost Centuria has released Season 2 of Ranked Fighting. 2 new monsters, 2 new game modes and many improvements and rewards to boot.

5️⃣ Lilith Games finally unveils Hunt mode gameplay for its supercharged Battle Royale Farlight 84!

6️⃣ Mega Sale on the Epic Games Store! Among Us is free until June 3rd! If you missed the offer, don't panic, we give you a tip to still play it for free in our article.

7️⃣ Esport : penalty received by Team Tragik on Call Of Duty Mobile! The team was excluded from a $20,000 tournament because a player shot his opponents' bodies after Clutch in 1-on-3! Basically, he teabagged his opponents which directly led to an exclusion.

Be sure to check out the latest mobile game releases to see what's new! See you next week for fresh news on your favourite mobile games! 😃

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