Mobile Games News Recap | Week of September 5 to 11, 2022

Mobile Games News Recap | Week of September 5 to 11, 2022

Discover the weekly recap of mobile games news on Android and iOS for the week of September 5 to 11, 2022! On the agenda this week: the officialization of Call of Duty Warzone Mobile, a busy news for Ubisoft, the end of the gacha for Mario Kart Tour and much more to discover in this recap. We'll let you read it all below. ⬇️

New mobile games and announcements of the week

This week, several new games were released, but also a lot of announcements about the future mobile games of big licenses with Call of Duty Warone, Lords of the Rings, Rainbow Six or The Division.

Wild Arena Survivors Release, Ubisoft's battle royale

Let's start this recap with the release of the week, the new mobile Battle Royale from Ubisoft: Wild Arena Survivors. The principle is simple: 40 players are dropped on the map from a helicopter and the last survivor wins the game. To defeat your opponents, search the surrounding area for weapons and equipment that you can upgrade during the game with a currency that can be collected from different elements of the map: trees, rocks, crates or golden chests.

Originally, this new game was supposed to be connected to the universe of a well-known license, as the working title was Far Cry: Wild Call. The reasons for the name change remain a mystery, but according to the interview given to IGN by an anonymous source close to the project, Ubisoft would pay less attention, and therefore budget, to its mobile titles than to those on consoles and PC. Still, Ubisoft isn't done with mobile games, as you'll see in the rest of this recap. Wild Arena Survivors is available for free on Android and iOS.

Railbound Release

Fans of puzzle games, dive into the world of Railbound that will shake your brain. Help the two dog friends to avoid crashes between the different cars through the 150 puzzles that the game of Afterburn offers you.

You will have to redirect trains by changing tracks, using tunnels or placing barriers. Featuring a very soothing art direction and soundtrack, this title is perfect to take a break from the world for a while. Railbound is available now for 4.99 euros on Android and iOS.

Infinite Magicraid release

Expected by more than one million pre-registered players, Infinite Magicraid is finally released this week on iOS and Android. This new gacha RPG from DH Games takes all the codes of games like Summoners War or RAID: Shadow Legends. In this heroic fantasy universe, compose your team of 5 warriors and fight enemies in PvE in the 12 chapters of the campaign, or in PvP in the arena.

Earn a maximum of rewards to upgrade your characters or unlock new ones. At launch, the game offers more than 200 warriors divided into 10 factions, so you can use your strategic skills to form a balanced team that will destroy your opponents.

Duel Shots: Clash of Guns release

Unlike the previous game which requires a significant investment of time, our latest release of the week is more like a snack, to be consumed in small portions. In Duel Shots: Clash of Guns, duel players from all over the world in very short games with easy-to-learn gameplay. In the middle of the screen is a bar on which a cursor moves. Press it at the right moment to shoot your opponent in the head or trigger the powers of the different characters to unlock.

If you like the cartoonish art direction and ergonomic menus of Brawl Stars, you won't be disappointed by Duel Shots: Clash of Guns, available for free on Android and iOS.

Roach Race: a new The Witcher game on mobile

Play as Geralt's trusty nag in the new mobile game in The Witcher license. Announced as a mini-game on the arcade terminals of Cyberpunk 2077, Roach Race is also available now on Android and iOS.

In this side-scrolling runner, the hero is not the famous wizard Geralt of Riv, but his mount: Roach. Avoid obstacles while collecting items to go as far as possible and achieve the highest score in this humorous game. However, we regret that the mobile version is deprived of some features present in Cyberpunk.

COD Warzone Mobile announcement teaser

Unveiled in a leak several months ago under the name Project Aurora, Call of Duty Warzone Mobile has just been made official in a very short teaser of less than 10 seconds. We can still recognize the iconic cargo plane from which players are dropped on the battle royale map of Call of Duty. To discover more about this new mobile BR from Activision, see you on September 15 for the Call of Duty Next.

Lord of the Rings: Heroes Of Middle-Earth gameplay presentation

Taking advantage of the renewed hype around the Lords of the Rings license with the series The Rings of Power on Prime Video, Electronic Arts has just shown a little more about the Lord of the Rings: Heroes of Middle-earth game.

In this gacha RPG game at turn-based, we will find the heroes of the original trilogy, such as Frodo, Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli, but also Galadriel and Elrond, who also appear in the series. The title features colorful cartoon graphics and seems to adopt a lighter tone than what we are used to seeing in the adaptations of J. R. R. Tolkien's works.

The Division Resurgence news

In an interview given to GameSpot by The Division Resurgence executive producer, we got more info on the first mobile game in the franchise. While the beginning of the story will feature events that took place before the first game, The Division Resurgence main storyline will take place between the first and second game.

Thought as a real MMO, it will be possible to meet players anywhere in the streets of New-York, and not only in secured areas. For the moment, there is no information about the release date, but the title has just finished its first alpha phase and there is a good chance that we will learn more in the coming weeks.

Rainbow Six Mobile: new beta on the Clubhouse map

We continue our recap with another Ubisoft game. In a new trailer of Rainbow Six Mobile, we discover the Clubhouse map, already present in R6 Siege and which will be playable in the next beta of the game.

To register for the test phases of Rainbow Six Mobile, you can do so on the game's official website, but only for Android devices. At the end of the trailer, we'll be at Ubisoft Forward to learn more about this highly anticipated tactical FPS.

Wreckfest Mobile : release on October 25th

After a very good reception on PC and consoles, Wreckfest Mobile arrives very soon on our favorite platforms. In this racing game that strongly encourages you to create accidents, be careful to keep your 4 wheels and your engine to finish the race.

The game from Handy Games is available for pre-order on the App Store for just under ten euros, and for pre-registration on the Google Play Store, and its release date is said to be October 25. This date has not yet been officially confirmed, so stay tuned for more news on our mobile news page.

Unhappy Raccoon : release on October 8

After several appearances in our recaps, Unhappy Raccoon is finally available in open beta. For those who don't know this title yet, it's a real time roguelike ruled by the god of the raccoons. You play as human raccoon heroes and must explore this fantastic world in search of loot to improve your characters.

Although in beta, the game promises to save your progress for its official release on October 8, 2022. You can now download Unhappy Racoon on the App Store and on TapTap for Android players.

Updates of the week

Let's move on to this week's updates, including patches to the Riot Games games, new characters for Pokémon Unite and the change in the economic system for Mario Kart Tour.

Mario Kart Tour: store redesign and addition of the Battle Mode

Following the complaints of many players, Mario Kart Tour which changes its economic system following the complaints of the players. Nintendo has completely overhauled the store to remove the gacha mechanics from the game. Now you can use rubies, which are obtained simply by playing, to buy new karts, drivers and gliders.

The new store will be available on October 5, 2022, at the same time asthe addition of Battle Mode. In this mode, well known to fans of the Mario Kart license, players compete not in a race, but in a duel where the goal is to use items to pop the opponents' balloons. In the meantime, you can still enjoy the rewards of the current event: Mario vs Luigi Tour.

Rocket League Sideswipe season 5

It's already Rocket League Sideswipe season 5, the 2D mobile adaptation of the famous game from Psyonix. With a very present community since its release, one year ago, RL Sideswipe approaches a futuristic theme with its season 5 released on September 7th.

As in every season, there are new cars such as the Chikara G1 or the Masamune cars as well as a holo goal explosion. Since the new season of Rocket League on PC and console arrives on the same day as on Sideswipe, we can expect common skins between the two games.

Pokémon Unite Mew Release

After the recent new competitive map release, a new fighter has just appeared in Pokémon Unite. Mew is a rather special Psy-type mythical Pokémon . Where other characters have a choice of two abilities at each level, Mew has a choice of three abilities and can even change them during the game.

It is therefore a very versatile Pokémon, which will be very effective against Tyranitar, the latest fighter. To unlock it for free, complete the quests in the Mew's Mural Challenge event until October 12, 2022. After that date, Mew will be available in the store for 12,000 Aeos coins. For more information on this new Pokémon, I'll redirect you to our detailed article on the Pokémon Unite Mew release.

At the same time, by logging on to Pokémon Unite from September 7 to 30, 2022, you can get free clothes for your trainer. And not just any clothes, since they are pieces from the French fashion house Balmain. Although this has no influence on the gameplay, it's always nice to be well dressed.

This collaboration Pokémon x Balmain works both ways and you can find a collection with the effigy of Pokémon on the brand website.

Wild Rift: four new champions for the second game anniversary

To celebrate the 2 years of the game's release, Riot Games has just announced the Wild Rift patch 3.4, which will accompany the release of Season 7 of ranked games in October. From September 15 to November 4, 2022, Wild Rift will gradually welcome four new champions, starting with Gwen. She will then be joined by Yone, Vex, and finally Warwick.

Both Supreme Cells and Power Spike Party events will also take place during this time and a temporary game mode will allow players to compete in 1v1. More details on all of these announcements can be found in our Wild Rift Patch 3.4 article.

TFT patch 12.17: the arrival of the 7.5 set

We continue with another game Riot Games and the TFT patch 12.17 release, which signals the set 7.5 arrival on the live servers. Between the Dragons redesign that now work in synergy, the addition and removal of traits and champions, as well as various buffs, nerfs and adjustments, TFT welcomes a major update that will create a whole new meta. As with Wild Rift, all the details are available in our article dedicated to the TFT patch 12.17.

A new Tower of Fantasy SSR Simulacra

On the side of Tower of Fantasy Artificial Island, Update 1.5, will be released on September 15, 2022. In addition to a new zone, a new housing system and a new boss, Claudia will make her arrival among the SSR simulacra.

This fighter, equipped with her Guren sword, was already present in Tower of Fantasy, but not as a playable character. So save your red Nucleus and try to unlock her next week.


The news in the mobile games industry is less busy than last week, but we still note Tencent's investment in Ubisoft to the tune of $300 million. This move is motivated by the desire to bring several AAA franchises of the French publisher on mobile.

At ByteDance, on the other hand, the news is less cheerful since the parent company of TikTok has announced a significant reduction in its video game activity. As a reminder, ByteDance had recruited more than 900 people in 2020 to try to compete with Tencent on the mobile market, but obviously without success. It remains to be seen how the games in development, such as the trading card game Marvel Snap or the survival shooter Earth: Revival will be impacted.

Genshin Impact Fans add characters to Spider-Man Remastered

To conclude this review on a more positive note, we leave you with these Spider-Man Remastered images, in which Genshin Impact fans have replaced the Spider-Man skin with characters from the HoYoverse game, such as Zhongli or Dainsleif.

Thank you all for reading this far, and see you next week for more mobile gaming news!

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