Cookie Run Witch's Castle and JoJo's Bizarre Adventure mobile: this week's Mobile Games News Recap news Recap with JoJo's Mobile, Cookie Run Witch's Castle and Night Crows

In issue 150, we talk about JoJo's Bizarre Adventure mobile, the arrival of Cookie Run Witch's Castle, a new Subway Surfers mode and lots more mobile games news. Find out all the latest Android and iOS gaming news in a single Recap every week.

It's a fairly light week for releases. There are MMOs, casual games and strategic games like Dune Dune Digital Imperium on Android and iOS for 10 euros, and Game Dev Tycoon as a Netflix game. But here are the biggest mobile games released since the last round-up. recap Cookie Run WC and Night Crows releases

  • Release of P2E MMO Night Crows: We're taking you back to the 13th century in an uchronic version where magic exists in a world that's a bit ugly despite the promise of polished environments running on Unreal Engine 5. The whole thing is supported by a blockchain economy loaded with NFTs, which certainly won't make up for the bugs or the vacuity of this Korean MMO, but it has generated plenty of money for its developers.

  • Release of Cookie Run: Witch's Castle: Meet up with famous and not-so-famous cookies in a kind of match-3 tap blast, the style where you have to press sticky blocks of the same colour to make them explode and score points on Play Store and App Store.

  • Release of Dune: Imperium Digital: The official phone port clearly honours the board game, which mixes strategic deckbuilding and field placement to control the spice. With the arrival of the second film in cinemas, why not give in to temptation by downloading it from Play Store or App Store for 10 euros.

  • The re-launch of Dofus Touch is coming: Join thousands of other players in a tsunami of farm, tofus and kamas for this very special occasion on 3 April. It's practically a new release, and the nostalgia of MMO raids will get under your skin, I promise.

If you want to be one of the first players to try out the next hot mobile games, don't forget to sign up for the 2nd Battle Crush beta on 21 March, or for the Duet Night Abyss technical test, which is recruiting until 22 March.

Mobile gaming announcements: Project Xunjing and a new Avatar game

There's a lot in store for the rest of the year and beyond. As well as Epic Games revealing a May 30 release date for Wuthering Waves, we've got a few other surprises for you:

  • Trailer for Project Xunjing, a new open-world game: A first gameplay trailer has gone viral, showing off a fantasy world with shooting and character design strongly reminiscent of Nier Automata. For the moment, its name is still a little vague, being called The Realm, Gunslinger or even Xingjing, depending on the publication. We hope it will be cross-platform and available on mobile.

  • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure mobile is being prepared for 2025: Gumi is in charge of adapting Hirohiko Araki's drawings for mobile phones, bringing together all the Joestar generations on screen. The studio intends to draw on all the skills it has acquired in mobile gaming in recent years, which certainly includes blockchain too.

  • Avatar Legends: Realms Collide announced: After publishing FashionVerse, Narcos Cartel Wars and Vikings: Valhalla, the studio is announcing an Avatar title that will be given a proper reveal on 21 March. For the moment, all we know is thatAang, Katara and Sokka will be reunited with Korra and the other avatars to form a crack team.

  • Paper Trail is coming to Netflix as a mobile game on 21 May: Fold, unfold and refold paper in a colourful world to progress further and further. There are plenty of puzzles to solve, and the atmosphere is sure to charm you if you have a subscription to Netflix films and series.

Avatar Legends Realms Collide and JoJo's Bizarre Adventure mobile announced

You can also add to your calendar the release of Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective on 28 March, Super Monsters Ate My Condo on 4 April, and Skul on mobile on 4 June.

Updates and news from the video game industry: Apple pushed to the limit in Europe

There are a host of updates, including a plethora of partnerships with major brands such as Hugo Boss and Roblox, as well as new voice AI features for Peridot and The Floor is Lava mode for Subway Surfers. Other changes in the industry include

  • Downloading an app from the web on iOS, soon possible: With the recent European decisions, Apple is obliged to open up iPhone access to other app shops later this spring, with the exception of Epic Games, which is apparently being thrown out cleanly.

  • Shift Up (NIKKE) set to float at $2.3bn: The developers of Nikke, Stellar Blade and Destiny Child, filed their listing on the Korean public stock market on 5 March. As far as we know, 7.25 million shares will be made available at 15 cents out of a total of 58 million shares.

  • Supercell halts development of Clash Mini: Welcome to the Supercemetery. The place where Supercell buries all its new releases with a shovel and a "sorry, it wasn't good enough for us". Clash Mini will close at the end of April, but may return later as a Clash Royale mode.

See you next week for a round-up of mobile games news!

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