One Punch Man World, Blue Lock mobile and BEAST: this week's mobile games Recap

One Punch Man World and Blue Lock mobile games recap

In this recap, find out about the release of One Punch Man World, the announcement of Blue Lock PWC on mobile, the arrival of Yes, Your Grace on Android and iOS and lots of other news, that's what we'll be looking at together today.

The best mobile games announcements and releases, One Punch Man World and Yes, Your Grace

This week it's all about royalty, with heroes and great heirs at the forefront of mobile games releases.

Blue Lock PWC and One Punch Man World on mobile

  • Release of One Punch Man World: Those who have pre-registered can collect their rewards and go on a killing spree with their team of iconic heroes. The game is available in French on Android and App Store free of charge, with a range of mini-games and modes.

  • Pre-registration opens for Blue Lock PWC: This sports simulation, initially available only in Japan, is finally coming to our shores. Become the coach of a team with special skills, develop your players and manage your statistics to win on the pitch via Google Play and App Store.

  • Yes, Your Grace on mobile: Organise your army, manage your finances, listen to grievances and look after your family by talking to your wife and daughters. Opponents are never far away and may try to steal your most precious possession, so watch out for political intrigue on Google Play and App Store.

  • SaGa Emerald Beyond to be released on 25 April: Square Enix is already starting to prepare the ground with trailers. The game will be released on mobile, PC and consoles, with 17 original worlds and new characters to discover.

What's more, the NovusHearts MOBA has just been announced as one of the upcoming releases. There are also a number of new releases on store shelves, including NBA 2K24 MyTEAM, No Surrender Heroes and From Eva, With Green. As for gaming subscription services, BEAST and Words in Progress are joining the Apple Arcade.

For Brave Nine Story and Avatar Reckoning, however, it's the end of the game, with the servers closed and the worldwide release cancelled respectively.

Test phases and pre-registration for early 2024 on telephone

As there's not much in the way of early access, betas and pre-registration rewards, I'm going to take a very quick look at a short, non-exhaustive list that will be of particular use to those of you with a VPN handy:

  • Early access to Project RUN zombie game in the US and Canada,

  • Tokyo Debunker goes into early registration,

  • AFK Journey goes into beta again on Thursday 1 February,

  • Crisis X survival game enters early access in South-East Asia.

Industry news: Hasbro denies potential takeover of Dungeons & Dragons

Tencent won't be getting involved with Dragons and Magic The Gathering after all, and Palworld mobile continues to cause a stir on the internet: here's what's been happening in the mobile games industry over the last seven days.

Palworld Mobile and D&D video game industry

  • Hasbro denies potential takeover of its Dungeons & Dragons licence: Twitter has dipped its head into quicksand this week, stirring up news thatHasbro is looking to buy the Dungeons & Dragons IP to plug its losses in recent quarters. Initially, they would have turned to Larian, the developers of Baldur's Gate 3, Game of the Year 2023 at the Game Awards, but lacking the necessary cash, the deal would have gone all the way back to Tencent, a major shareholder in Larian and a number of other studios. Hasbro has firmly denied reports of a potential takeover.

  • A Klab x Pocket Pair game in the pipeline: Every bit of news about Palworld is scrutinised. Sometimes the slightest announcement can be misinterpreted to mean anything and everything. So even if we were to tell you about the job announcements for mobile development at PocketPair, it's clear that Palworld mobile, if it exists at all, isn't really in development at the moment. PocketPair confirms that it has reached an agreement with KLAB to develop a hyper-casual mobile game, but that it is not Palworld.

  • New Sonic mobile game in development could focus on cute Chao: These creatures first appeared in Sonic Adventure and could make a return in an upcoming phone title published by Netflix Games, according to leaker Midori. Meanwhile, another sports-oriented Sonic game is due for release on Apple Arcade.

  • Some people working on The Day Before didn't know they were working on an MMO: As well as employing volunteers, Fntastic made another blunder with its internal documents. The documents changed so often that one of the designers even discovered via the game's public trailers that he was working on an MMO.

See you next week for another round-up of mobile games news!

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