Mobile Games News Review #118: Assassin's Creed Codename Jade beta, OPM World pre-registration...

Android and iOS mobile games news recap July issue 3

In this issue 118, we talk about optimizing your sleep with Pokémon Sleep, new info about the Assassin's Creed Jade beta that you can sign up for, new games like One Punch Man World in pre-registration and lots of other mobile gaming news. Discover a maximum of Android and iOS gaming news in a single summary every week.

AC Jade closed beta to start on August 3

We begin this recap with the closed beta of Assassin's Creed Jade, due to start on August 3. Players interested in this assassins vs. templars experience in the 3rd century B.C. can already sign up to be one of the testers on the game's official website. In-game, you'll find a new flying companion, a mix of Eastern and Western influences, parkour, combat, quests and an RPG system like those of major PC and console titles.

Relive history from a different angle with the Assassin's Creed Jade beta and all the major sites of ancestral China, such as the Great Wall, the Terracotta Army, the imperial capital and other magnificent landscapes. AC Codename Jade mobile does not yet have an exact release date, but the most impatient will be able to test it as early as the beta on August 3, provided they are selected.

Release of Pokémon Sleep

The "game "Pokémon Sleep has just been released without Android and iOS after an early release phase of a few days in certain regions. After taking care of your step count, the direction of your outings on foot and a whole host of other elements of your daily routine, Pikachu invites itself into your sleep.

Place the phone flat on the mattress, switched on all night without guarantee in case of fire Torchic, and find out your sleeping habits, your snoring and the sound of your best night farts to find out if you're more of a Jigglypuff or a Farting Toxik. Seriously, knowing whether you have a ptidodo, bondodo or grododo will revolutionize your life. No more Netflix and chill, tonight it's soup, pee and bed for farm Pokémon Sleep. Of course, the main interest of this application is that you can listen back to what you or your asshole had to say during the night, and it's a great source of amusement for people on the networks.

Pre-registration for One Punch Man World

One Punch Man returns to mobile. A PLUS JAPAN and Perfect World are collaborating for the release of One Punch Man World in Europe and the rest of the world, starting with pre-registrations now open in certain regions such as India and Thailand on the game's official website.

A beta will take place soon, and the full release should arrive before the end of the year. One Pun Man World is a 3D PC and mobile action game with a gacha mechanic for obtaining new characters and developing combos within your composition. Single-player or multiplayer, revisit the anime' s most memorable enemies, locations and moments with Saitama and his clique through quests and in-game confrontations.

Sonic Prime Dash in Netflix game

Sonic has made a comeback in our hearts with several films and video games. Most recently, we saw the official Sonic on Roblox mode made by SEGA. And this week, the title is back with a vengeance on phones with the release of Sonic Prime Dash as a Netflix game on Android and iOS. The runner features all the key elements of the license: its characters, iconic tracks and collectible golden rings.

If you're looking for a summer alternative to Subway Surfers or Temple Run without an aggressive business model, use your Netflix subscription to the full on phone with Sonic Prime Dash and enjoy the music of Green Hills.

Pre-registration for Dungeon Hunter 6 based on the Gameloft license

Announced in May, Dungeon Hunter 6 has just launched its pre-registrations. Initially, the license belonged to Gameloft, but the studio decided to turn away from its trademark, leaving mobile games in the past to concentrate on PC and consoles. As a result, Dungeon Hunter 6 has been taken over by GOAT Games for a new round of hack'n slash on Android and iOS.

Rediscover the joys of dungeon exploration and mob slaughter in the lands of Valenthia. For now, you can simply pre-register. But as soon as the game is released, you'll have the chance to collect its characters, dive into the PvE experience and enjoy Dungeon Hunter 6 single-player, even if we hope multiplayer will also be present.

Com2Us releases Eternal Three Kingdoms worldwide

The RPG Eternal Three Kingdoms is published by Com2Us for its international launch. Assassin's Creed Jade is not the only one to put China in the spotlight, as the famous history of the Three Kingdoms of China serves as the backdrop for the strategy game Eternal Three Kingdoms. Collect commanders, expand your army and control your units in the field to complete levels. Masters of tactical unit spawn, you can try out the game now on Android and iOS.

Apple Arcade releases: Stardew Valley + and summer updates

Netflix isn't the only one expanding its catalog of premium games on Android and iOS. Apple is expanding its Apple Arcade library with a series of new releases this week. The new game of the week on this service is Stardew Valley+. In addition, a number of important updates have been added to the titles already included in the Apple Arcade subscription for Charrua Soccer, MasterChef, Garden Trails and other games. Of course, the advantage of the Netflix subscription is that it's available on Android and Apple devices without distinction.

Release of Dragon Nest 2 Evolution on Android and iOS

Level Infinite has been announcing success after success, with Undawn getting off to a mixed start. This week, the release of Dragon Nest 2 Evolution makes headlines on mobile, offering a free-to-play RPG with 5 million pre-registered players on Android and iOS. Select one of the four classes available for your character, make virtual allies by joining friends or existing player groups in boss battles and try to save the world of Altea.

You know the drill: experiment with different skill builds and rely on the player-managed economy to enjoy Dragon Nest 2 Evolution, a formula that's a little old-fashioned, but one that grabs players with nostalgia.

Release of Dumb Ways to Climb mobile, the Beans version of Only Up on the phone

Following the release of Dumb Ways to Die 4, the series of games from the suicidal little beans expands with a new title inspired by the latest streaming trends. Those who follow Twitch won't have missed Only Up, the hardcore and merciless game that will have you jumping over impossible structures all the way into space, provided you have flawless precision. In terms of recent viewers, Only Up ranks as the 4th most-watched game on Twitch, behind such behemoths as League of Legends and Diablo 4.

Dumb Ways to Die has taken the idea and applied it to its license, with a softened version of the 3D platformer where beans reproduce the experience. Dumb Ways to Climb is available free of charge on Android and iOS.

Soul Fighter event launched in the Riotverse

We told you about it at the beginning of the month, and now theSoul Fighter event is finally here. In all Riot's major games, on PC and mobile, you have until August 28 to collect rewards and break all records to obtain new cosmetics or test game modes, such as Wild Rift's Tag Duel. We'd love to hear about Valorant mobile too, but given the state of the project, it's more likely to end up on our Santa list.

Release of DC Heroes & Villains

Since 2021, the DC Heroes & Villains match-3 has been available for pre-registration. And now, by surprise, it's being released this week. The super-powers of the DC universe, good or bad, come together to defend Earth from invasion. To control their powers, you'll need to align elements of the same type and activate them, just like in a classic match-3. With gacha mechanics, you can collect heroes and villains to use in battle, such as the Joker or Aquaman, from a roster of over 60 characters. The game is available on Android and iOS in free-to-play and in French.

Release of Roto Force, a mobile game based on the 8-bit Game Boy style

Based on the graphics and feel of the Game Boy, the title Roto Force has finally launched on PC, Android and iOS. In this fast-paced shooter, colorful 8-bit levels turn on themselves with their retro 2D pixel art decor. In terms of gameplay, you'll need to dash to reposition yourself at full speed, dodge enemy fire and retaliate with one of the game's various weapons. Roto Force offers a free demo level and a full purchase at 5 euros on the stores to unlock all its levels and bosses, which will put your skill to the test in this original bullet hell.

Master Chief now playable in Brawlhalla with big Halo update

Even those who haven't played Halo know Master Chief's iconic voice, which even exists on Waze. This week, Ubisoft adds Master Chief to its roster of characters in Brawlhalla, in addition to the Arbiter. Halo is fully featured with a Halo map, skins, emotes and this sidekick. With all these new features, you can also count on Oddbrawl, a game mode inspired by Oddball in Halo, to bring a little freshness to Brawlhalla this summer.

Ubisoft's Invincible: Guarding the Globe in pre-registration on Android and iOS

Based on the Invincible animated series launching in 2021 on Amazon Prime, Ubisoft's game Invincible: Guarding the Globe opens pre-registration on Android and iOS. DC superheroes aren't the only ones on the menu for July. The Invincibles are coming to mobile gaming with a brand-new story and a very classic gacha RPG formula that starts with a bit of customization, a selection of characters for the Attacker, Defender and Support roles and then a collection of characters to create your own composition.

You can pre-register for Invincible: Guarding the Globe on the stores or the official website depending on your device. The game hasn't been released yet, and the basic story is pretty straightforward: you join the Global Defense Agency to protect humanity from an army of clones... aka the basic superhero scenario, which was either that or aliens.

Merge Mansion grannies on the move

In the US, July 23 is Super Grandmothers' Day. The Merge Mansion game took advantage of this to showcase its international advertising granny, Mamie Ursula Boulton, who even has a Twitter account with almost 10,000 followers. The ads for this ultra-creepy granny, who does weird things in bushes and murders people with a big grin, have not finished making the rounds on the web.

Update 1.2 Honkai: Star Rail "Even Immortality has an end".

Honkai Star Rail's 1.2 update, entitled "Even Immortality Comes to an End", rolls out on our phones with a host of new features. The update unlocks rewards, the Alchemy Commission and Scaly Abyss Kingdom zones, the Blade, Kafka and Luka characters, as well as additional light cones, stories, missions and events, details of which can be found in the official patch notes.

Defense Derby to be released on August 3, a PvP tower defense published by Krafton

Defense Derby will be released from early access for its global launch on August 3. The PvP tower defense game published by Krafton will soon be inviting you to defend your territory through a combination of heroes, scouting and strategy. Take advantage of this opportunity to pre-register for Defense Derby's launch on August 3, the same day as Assassin's Creed Codename Jade's closed beta!

Netmarble rolls out its content in South Korea at the One Mount theme park

Netmarble rolls out its content in a new theme park. A section opens at One Mount in South Korea to showcase Netmarble's various technological universes. The One Mount snow park thus becomes Netmarble World. Obviously, that's a bit far for European travelers who are fans of mobile gaming, but if you're passing through South Korea, you might want to make a detour to Netmarble World just for the fun of it.

Pre-registration for Ghost Master Survival, an Asian mobile MMORPG

Asian MMORPG Ghost Master Survival enters pre-registration on Android and iOS. Based on oriental folklore, this free-to-play title makes you a celestial master who reduces demons to pulp in epic battles set in the 20th century. A great war is brewing, and only Taoist magic can repel evil in the game's lands, dungeons, game modes and missions. Ghost Master Survival is available for pre-registration on stores, with a planned international release in the second half of 2023.

Blackout and security breach at Roblox

The Roblox sandbox is trending this week for all the wrong reasons. It's neither a new official mode nor the Paris Hilton metaverse that has caused a stir on Roblox. It's a blackout and a major data leak that have shaken the gaming community. Even so, the Roblox team had the good idea of offering victims of the leak a 1-year boosted security package, even though this came after the incident.

Pre-registration for Master of Knights: Seven Trial before its July 27 release

Publisher Neowiz is making further inroads into the mobile market, opening pre-registrations for Master of Knights: Seven Trial ahead of the game's release on July 27. Coming soon to Android and iOS, this RPG at turn-based will have you placing heroes on a 5-square grid and planning your attack and defense based on your positioning.

You'll also need to use your spell cards wisely to defend the continent of Lemuria from the four Elders. This works hand in hand with rewards idle and the usual auto mode, which you can discover in Master of Knights: Seven Trial from July 27.

Release of Molecano on August 10: a word game by the creator of Daily Dadish

The creator of Daily Dadish and Super Fowlst, Thomas K Young, will soon be launching his next creation on the stores. Entitled Molecano, this word game relies on a little mole to collect items on and survive the volcanic terrain using the right letters. The concept isn't super clear to explain, but we'll have an update for the game's release on August 10.

Ubisoft delighted with Microsoft acquisition - Activision

Among this week's studio announcements, we learn that Ubisoft is delighted with Microsoft's acquisition of Activision Blizzard-King. Why is that? Quite simply because Ubisoft's management team understands the Redmond firm's motivations, and that these intentions are in line with Ubisoft's current projects, notably around the expansion of their mobile game catalog. If the competition has the same strategy as you, and they're very big, you'll be able to ride the trend with them if you jump on the bandwagon early enough. As for the deal between Microsoft and Activision, the legal saga will continue until October, so there's still plenty to talk about.

News zapping

Several major news items didn't get a full segment in the recap, but I'm going to take a look at a few of them in a quick zap.

  • Harry Potter Magic has already earned over $3 million;
  • Season 3 Kart Rider: Drift unveils its content ;
  • Harry Potter Enigmas and Spells introduces its new Broom Race speed mode to reward the player who solves the level the fastest ;
  • Level Infinite will be showing at Gamescom at the end of August;
  • PUBG Mobile teams up with Aston Martin for a new partnership ;
  • Gold Rush Battlers from the Monster Strike franchise released exclusively in Japan
  • Sachin Saga Pro Cricket comes to Android ;
  • Seven Knights Idle Adventure gives news through a test in some regions on Android devices;
  • Call of Duty mobile surpasses 3 billion in revenue since it first went online;
  • HEIR OF LIGHT: Eclipse is available for pre-registration on Android and iOS ;
  • Sky Children of the Light celebrates its 4th birthday, and we can't wait to see the anime!

And we're also gearing up for the release of Tower of God New World, MiniGame Party Pocket Edition and the excellent Return to Monkey Island, which I'm currently polishing on PC.

That's the end of review number 118, so we'll see you next week for new adventures on mobile!

Yaya Yaya would never have spent a single cent on a mobile game. At least, that's what the legend says.

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