Mobile Games News Review #114: release of Undawn, Assassin's Creed Mobile news, the Division...

Android and iOS mobile games news roundup for June, issue 114

In issue 114, discover Undawn and its post-apocalyptic world, sharpen your blades and reflexes with Assassin's Creed Jade, test the new MOBA Honor of Kings and get the full scoop on mobile gaming news. Discover a maximum of Android and iOS gaming news in a single summary every week.
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Release of Undawn, a post-apocalyptic survival MMO from Tencent

Tencent releases its survival MMO on phone and PC to the delight of the mobile community. Under its Level Infinite label, the Chinese giant is offering its Undawn release worldwide. To find out all you need to know about this title, Will Smith's official character and Undawn's in-game features, visit our detailed article on the subject.

Assassin's Creed Jade beta pre-registration

Following Summer Game Fest, French publisher and developer Ubisoft continued to ride the videogame hype with its own conference. At Ubisoft Forward, we discovered new trailers for numerous PC and mobile games. Among the announcements, pre-registrations for the AC Jade beta marked the event, as did statements on the development of The Division mobile. I tell you all about it in this content dedicated to Assassin's Creed Jade, its lore and its launch roadmap.

Closure of Kiloo Games, co-creators of Subway Surfers

The Subway Surfers license continues to expand on mobile with new titles such as Subway Surfers Tag. However, this license will go the way of one of its co-creators, Danish developer Kiloo Games. The company is closing its doors after a number of successes on the stores, and we tell you all about it in our article.

Test Honor of Kings globally test thanks to the official APK

The popular Chinese MOBA Honor of Kings is still waiting to be launched internationally. This week, the game opens its global servers at test on June 14. To access this 5v5 MOBA, which made its Western debut under the name Arena of Valor before being exported in its original version, you'll need to download the game's APK from its official website.

Honor of Kings pre-registrations are open on Android and iOS, and the game already has a growing community thanks to its HoK mobile launch in Brazil. As teased by the game's account on social networks, this test of features of course augurs a global launch soon, so get ready and don't miss our recaps every Sunday!

Pre-registration for Arena Breakout

Another game launching for pre-registration this week is Arena Breakout. A mobile clone of Escape from Tarkov in the same vein as Lost Light, MoreFun Studios' game is finally scheduled for release in July, although no exact date has been set. Soon to be available free-to-play on Android and iOS, Arena Breakout promises to be a quality slow FPS that has already begun to prove its worth on mobile, with successful beta tests throughout the year.

This Arena Breakout pre-registration phase allows the developers to finalize a few tweaks to controls, performance, immersion and translation before the full launch. Don't forget to pre-register before release this summer, and if you want to maximize your rewards bonuses, you can even invite friends to join you thanks to Arena Breakout's affiliate system.

Redesign Clash Mini : units remain on the ground between rounds

Hands up, nobody move! Clash MiniSupercell's pocket-sized autochthonous game doesn't do things by halves, announcing a big change in its Smol Talk Episode 8 video: units will now be static from one round to the next, meaning you won't be able to change their position between rounds.

For my part, that's what I really liked about Clash Mini, a kind of little mind game that restarts each round to find out which goblin is going to kill a unit first, who's going to get harpooned or how placement will change the game. But players apparently complained that this made the outcome of rounds too random. We're waiting to see what this radical change will do, but we can expect a bit of casualization in sight, with a potential international launch coming soon for Clash Mini.

Human Fall Flat 2 in development, not yet announced for mobile

If you're a fan of couch co-op games or small indie challenges at the crossroads of puzzle and platform games, you can't have missed the Human Fall Flat phenomenon. Also available on mobile, the first game in the license is finally getting a sequel, as we learned this week from its developers at No Brakes Games. Human Fall Flat 2, when released, will feature multiplayer for up to 8 players and a ton of new puzzles, but this title has yet to be announced on mobile, so we're keeping our fingers crossed for a port on the heels of the PC and console release.

Test The Division Resurgence since June 13, out this fall

Back to Ubisoft announcements with the regional beta of The Division Resurgence in mid-June. Already underway since June 12, phase 1 will last until June 25. The game will then enter phase 2 from August 8 to September 19, with a reset at the end of each test round.

The Division Resurgence mobile release roadmap

For the time being, the regional beta is limited to the regions of Australia, Chile, Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain and Sweden. Following the beta, the game will be closed for a very short period with the arrival of English, French, German and Spanish support. The Division Resurgence is scheduled for release in autumn 2023, and pre-registration on Android and iOS is already open, so don't wait any longer.

Crash Course Builder to be released in 2024

Welcome to Crash Course Builder, the mobile runner that may look cute but will throw the worst tools of torture at your screen to navigate and create endless, deadly terrain. Announced by Wombat Brawler, this game not only lets you test your dodging skills with your best Subway Surfers swipe, but also lets you create custom courses.

You can even share your devilish creations in the game's shared library. Even if we regret that it's all single-player, running through crazy levels with the music blasting will be a perfect combo of Subway Surfers and our best Geometry Dash runs to surf 2024 in style on Android and iOS.

NetEase's Project Bloodstrike enters final beta phase

If you were there at the NetEase Connect live event 2 weeks ago, and in addition to the fake comments under the video you may have seen the name of the game Project Bloodstrike spammed into the live chat, you're finally going to get some news about this rather low-key game. NetEase's Battle Royale FPS, which, let's face it, clearly comes after the battle as far as mobile BR is concerned, is getting a final round of beta towards the end of the month. Obviously, this predicts a release in the near future, so we should soon be seeing Project Bloodstrike on our mobile screens.

Autochess Dungeon Pets in early access on Play Store

The list of indie games released this week includes Dungeon Pets, a little gacha released in early access on Android. Prepare your team of small animals for battle, mixing dogs, cats, pigs and monkeys. There's nothing new here, but it's a simple, little-known game of merge and collection for the most Playstore explorers and furry little animal lovers among you.

Summerhill adventure game announced for mobile by the studio behind Alto's Odyssey

Land & Sea are preparing the release of Summerhill, their next 100% nature puzzle game following the success of Alto on mobile. Get your shepherd's staff and your best country expressions ready for Summerhill, a soothing title that traces the influence of shepherds throughout human history and its major themes. As you gather your flock, solve puzzles and explore a landscape to be contemplated on Android and iOS soon. I'll introduce you to Summerhill in an article dedicated to its forthcoming release on phones.

Pre-registration for tower defense PvP Defense Derby

In early access in certain parts of Asia until May 11, the PvP tower defense Defense Derby opens its pre-registrations this week. Published by Krafton, Defense Derby lets you defend your fortress with unique heroes and use scouting mechanics to predict the next misfortune to befall you, both in PvP and PvE against bosses. You'll have to wait a little longer to deploy your best synergies, as the game doesn't yet have a release date on Android and iOS.

Towaga: Among Shadows released on Android and iOS

Do you enjoy burning down relentless hordes of enemies? Then you're going to love Towaga: Among Shadows, finally released on Android and iOS on June 15 after being an Apple Arcade exclusive. For just over 3 euros, with a few tens of cents difference depending on the platform, you can now access this edgy title that will test your skill, choice of skill and stuff in 4 game modes with a leaderboard of challenges to boot. Go and discover Towaga: Among Shadows right now on Play Store and App Store to discover a side-view shooter with a neat AD.

Neowiz announces BIGS 2023, an indie gaming event in Korea

In partnership with several entities including Megazone Cloud, Neowiz announces its BIGS 2023 show, which will honor indie talent in PC and mobile video games. Supported by brands such as Twitch, Unity, and Hive, the event will take place from August 9 to 15, with a selection of the best participants. You'll be able to discover new game trailers, as well as the titles rewarded with $33,000 in cash prizes, divided between the design, originality and experience categories. We'll tell you all about it in August!

EA's World of League Football goes on pre-registration in the Philippines on Android

World of League Football, another game from Electronic Arts, goes on pre-registration in the Philippines for Android. While some will see it as an opportunity to build a soccer empire, scout new talent, train players and manage an entire club, at we see it above all as an overdose of EA soccer games. Are they doubting their dominance since the loss of FIFA support? In any case, World of League Football has not been announced for a potential worldwide release date, and perhaps that's just as well.

Dragon Quest Champions to be released in Japan on June 13

Two weeks after the launch of pre-registration, Square Enix is launching its Dragon Quest Champions game in Japan. For the moment, there's no word on a worldwide release date, so we'll have to wait patiently, watching the latest trailer or bypassing the regional restriction with a VPN to play in Japanese.

Announcement of the Tencent Global Esports Summit 2023

After a successful edition last year, Tencent is not stopping there, and has announced the return of its Tencent Global Esports Summit for 2023. The event will be held on July 14 and 15 in Shenzhen, China, and will bring together a host of professionals and players from the world ofesport around the theme "Link to Future", which is either cryptic or mistranslated without an article, as you wish.

It may include the next Need For Speed mobile as well as new games developed by Tencent, which continues to make inroads into the mobile market with big titles such as Undawn and Honor of Kings in international release. Tower of FantasyUndawn and Honor of Kings.

Aster Tatariqus RPG announced by gumi, Final Fantasy Brave Exvius studio

Gumi, the Final Fantasy Brave Exvius studio, has announced a new gacha RPG calledAster Tatariqus. Carried by the main character called Noir, this title will feature, according to the press release, a great deal of customization of your character's combat stats and a number of side activities such as going to class or even studying at the library to be more focused than the girl in the lofi wallpapers while it's raining out the window. Aster Tatariqus mixes 2D and 3D graphics, and is due for global release on Android and iOS phones in 2023.

Transformers: Tactical Arena released on iOS

Netflix has taken the liberty of relaunching Transformers Forged to Fight with a small exclusive, but the Transformers license is progressing even further on mobile with the release of Transformers: Tactical Arena on iOS. This free-to-play title attempts to get the best out of autobots and decepticons in tactical gameplay. Compose your team and try to blow up the opposing camp in a variety of stylish arenas. Available only on iOS, Transformers: Tactical Arena will keep you busy with different challenges to test your strategist's soul.

Star Wars Hunters on stores in the West

Highly anticipated on mobile, Star Wars Hunters quietly launches on our Android and iOS devices. Based on the Star Wars license, dive into this 4v4 Overwatch-like game set deep in space. This 3rd-person shooter focuses on PvP, with classic game modes such as Escort and Control set against colorful galactic backdrops. As you play, learn to make the right gun choices, unlock cosmetic items of all kinds and become a true Bounty Hunter.

Speaking of games like Overwatch, T3 Arena is getting a facelift with additional skills for its characters and the arrival of 5v5, so don't hesitate to try it out too if you haven't already.

X-Legend Entertainment opens pre-registration for Tales of Dragon

Tales of Dragon or Dragon Fantasy World opens pre-registration on Android and iOS this week. Published by X-Legend Entertainment, the fantasy MMORPG will soon invite you to tame dragons, explore social possibilities like virtual marriage, and collect a ton of rewards to progress through the idle system. We'll tell you more about this low-poly, cartoonish MMO full of dragons as soon as we know more about its release date.

The next Need for Speed Online Mobile game could be called NFS Zeal

Tencent Games' next racing game is changing its name. According to recent leaks, in addition to its gameplay revealed in a series of videos, Need for Speed mobile will become Need for Speed Zeal from TiMi Studios. Despite some testing in China last year, NFS Zeal still has no scheduled release date.

Neon Abyss: Infinite released on TapTap

Neon Abyss: Infinite is being released this week on TapTap, offering unprecedented depth to this early access abyss. The game offers a mix of 2D roguelite, platformer and shooter that takes its inspiration from the greats like Scourge Bringer x Dead Cells, according to our dear ambassador Psykoz on Discord.

With friends, discover casual mini-games to chill out and hundreds of loot items to vary your gaming experience. Of course, for new readers, TapTap is a completely legit download platform that we at regularly use to test exclusives or certain regional launches without a VPN.

Demon Hunt Knights roguelite now in beta on Android

Discover early access to Demon Hunt Knights in beta on Android. This roguelike and shoot 'em up invites you to enter the depths of the dungeon and take out anything that crosses your path. On Playstore, test Demon Hunt Knights, a title mixing pixel art and cartoon with shooting galore and weapon and hero collecting to unlock 10 different playstyles with many variations.

Steam City now available on Android and iOS

In Steam City, released this week on Android and iOS, create your own retrofuturistic city. Develop, build, decorate, trade and become a great real estate tycoon by managing your city and its industries. In fact, it's a bit like Sim City, but not the same, especially when it comes to spelling.

The Guardian of Nature puzzle game and other presentations at the Wholesome Games stream

The Wholesome Games stream provided an opportunity to get to grips with some 70 cute and cozy games over the course of the event. Some of the games presented will be available on PC but also on mobile, including the hand-drawn puzzle game Guardian of Nature, which lets you change size to slip into the nooks and crannies of each environment and solve puzzles. We can't wait to tell you all about it.

Mega Man X DiVE Offline to be released on PC and mobile devices

We follow this up with a small dose of nostalgia offered by the announcement of Mega Man x Dive Offline at the Capcom 2023 Showcase. Scheduled for Android, iOS and PC, this free-to-play title takes the classic game formula and brings it to life in an offline, side-view version, with combat that promises to be tough if it sticks to the original game.

Undead Unlimited in early access in the land of maple syrup

Undead Unlimited is being released in early access in Canada, and I'm not at all excited about it. The title is based on a pandemic that creates mutant zombies, and starts an adventure in idle mode in portrait format, where almost everything is automatic. Rather than abusing your VPN on Undead unlimited, try out Undawn or Into the Dead if you want to play against Infected worthy of the name.

Dungeon Boss Respawned on Netflix

Netflix continues to tease the arrival of puzzle game Papertrail, and takes this opportunity to offer Dungeon Boss: respawned as part of its subscription. Although the keys to speed farm are missing from this new version, you can still create an epic team of heroes thanks to the gacha system. Find the best synergies to defeat bosses and defend your dungeon in Dungeon Boss Respawned, a Netflix game on Android and iOS.

Unpacking is coming to Android and iOS later this year

Announced for release on Android and iOS later this year, the relaxing little game Unpacking will soon be moving to your phone. The game's concept is very simple: each object has its place, and it's up to you to unpack the boxes! At least you'll be able to virtually leave your parents' house for the duration of Unpacking.

Among the other news items that marked the week but could not be covered in this already lengthy recap, are :

  • The launch of pre-registration for Lost in Play, which will be released next month;
  • The arrival of Century Age of Ashes this summer to ride dragons;
  • Elrond in Lord of the Rings Heroes of Middle-Earth;
  • The soft launch of Golfzon M: Real Swing;
  • The start of early access for CoverMe Shooting Gun;
  • and the long-awaited Odin valhalla, launching in Japan, which we'll be telling you about soon.

That's the end of review number 114, so we'll see you next week for new adventures on mobile!

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