Release of Mighty Quest Rogue Palace via Netflix Games on Android and iOS

Release of Mighty Quest Rogue Palace in Android and iOS mobile game

A new mobile game is added to the Netflix catalog with the release of Mighty Quest Rogue Palace on Android and iOS. You may have been one of the gamers who were wondering every day: when is Mighty Quest coming back? Well, For Epic Loot is no longer online, but the new title of the license, Mighty Quest Rogue Palace, intends to honor the universe imagined by Ubisoft.

Gameplay and release of Mighty Quest Rogue Palace

Announced at the end of March, Mighty Quest Rogue Palace has just been released on the stores. Whether you're familiar with the license or a newcomer, this game will introduce you to roguelite from a different perspective. With your basic hero Logan, enter the dungeon to collect loot. Here you will slay hordes of monsters including goblins, liches, poisonous spiders and forgetful heroes.

Levels are randomly placed and are full of traps and objects to break to collect additional rewards such as gold and metal scraps. Upon completion of each level, you can choose the next level on a branching map depending on the type of equipment you wish to obtain or upgrade. If you run out of HP, go through the campfire. If you want to upgrade your equipment, visit the blacksmith level. Otherwise, stuff the levels and bosses to progress like crazy. For fans of games at Archero, the release of Mighty Quest Rogue Palace is clearly the best of the recent mobile game releases.

In 15 different regions, play as 20 different heroes with varied gameplay to complete quests, add servants to your castle and explore the entire fantasy world. For former Mighty Quest players, the new Rogue Palace mobile game doesn't retain everything from its predecessor. Roguelite is lighter, and no longer has a system for defending your own castle. Instead, it focuses on the big replayability of its exploration and good hack'n slash feel. You can download and test Mighty Quest Rogue Palace released on Play Store and Appstore.

Release of Mighty Quest Rogue Palace Gameplay

The long-awaited roguelite, proud descendant of Mighty Quest on mobile

The release of Mighty Quest Rogue Palace has been eagerly awaited by all fans of the Ubisoft license on mobile. This dynamic and highly replayable title offers an extremely enjoyable formula by presenting itself as a premium game exclusively available via Netflix subscription. Where Tomb Raider Reloaded failed to adapt its business model to the premium format with an overdose of grinding and a frustrating reward system. Plus, right out of the box, Mighty Quest Rogue Palace allows you to play offline wherever you are. Even if it doesn't really match the original episode, this new game stands out as an excellent mobile roguelite from my first hours of play.

Yaya Yaya would never have spent a single cent on a mobile game. At least, that's what the legend says.

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