Pre-register for Mighty DOOM on Android and iOS, the cute and bloody DOOM game!

Pre-registration for Mighty DOOM before the release on Android and iOS

Freshly announced by Bethesda, Mighty Doom, a super cute game in the bloody universe of Doom opens its pre-registrations. This spin-off on mobile of the DOOM license obviously resembles other Archero-like, like Tomb Raider: Reloaded released recently. Before its release, Mighty Doom has already gone through several progressive release phases and will soon land on smartphones worldwide with its cute and murderous demons. Let's take a look at how to pre-register for the game, the expected release date and a bit of gameplay to see if you should look forward to the global launch!

Mighty DOOM release date and official gameplay

The release date for Mighty DOOM on Android and iOS is March 21, 2023. This date has been officially confirmed by Bethesda as the global launch of the game. As the release of Mighty DOOM is approaching, I present you the gameplay trailer that should make you want to try it very soon!

Unlike other titles, Mighty Doom, which is developed by Alpha Dog studio, doesn't seem to force you to stand still to shoot, which may make the action more dynamic. Playing as your own personalized mini-slayer, navigate increasingly challenging levels in a cartoonish art direction, choosing your skills and upgrading your equipment through the roguelite mechanic at the end of each run.

The gameplay of Mighty DOOM obviously resembles Archero , which popularized this roguelite formula on mobiles in colorful and cute worlds. If you're interested in the game and want to start playing a little early, you still have a few weeksto pre-register for Mighty DOOM before the release.

Pre-register for Mighty DOOM

With its fast-paced and colorful gameplay, the upcoming DOOM mobile title is sure to please all smartphone gamers. So you might as well pre-register for Mighty DOOM to take advantage of the freerewards when the game is released. To validate your pre-registration, go to Playstore or to the official website for Appstore and connect your account. That's it, it's very simple! And your account has joined the list of players interested in the release of the game who will benefit from free bonuses.

Rewards launch

Attention, the pre-registration for Mighty DOOM will close on March 19th. The rewards you will receive are the ones contained in the Mini Slayer Pack, as follows:

  • Baron of Hell Heavy Cannon Weapon Skin
  • Cacodemon Rocket Launcher Weapon Skin
  • 3 Equipment Keys
  • 1 Weapon Key
  • 80 crystals.
Rewards to pre-register for Mighty Doom before the official release date

Access to in-game content: monetization, battle pass

Despite several tests in various countries, the game from Alpha Dog studio has not fully revealed its monetization system. Recently, the developers have added a Mighty DOOM Battle Pass. However, we don't know the final business model that will govern your progress as a miniature Slayer.

Slayer miniature of Might Doom for the release of the game on Android and iOS

In any case, the game's trailer reveals a good amount of gameplay for the opening of pre-registrations on Android and iOS before the game's release on March 21. So, hurry up and pre-register for Mighty Doom via our article in description if the game meets your miniature slaughter needs.

Bethesda launches its own Archero-like after Tomb Raider: Reloaded from CDE Entertainment

It must be recognized that the publisher Netflix Games has succeeded in a good communication around Tomb Raider: Reloaded, which has taken up the formula Archero. However, the title suffers from an obvious business model adaptation problem that does not reward progression and quickly frustrates its players. Moreover, the Netflix game is a pure and simple clone ofArchero, with the same enemy patterns and the same upgrade elements, but less enjoyable. It's quite disappointing.

Pre-registration for Mighty DOOM, the next Archero-like Bethesda

On its side, with its cute art direction and dark universe, the release of Mighty DOOM coupled with the pre-registrations are also a nice pre-launch comm' stunt. On the other hand, we hope that its final realization will be more pleasant than that of Tomb Raider mobile.

Yaya Yaya would never have spent a single cent on a mobile game. At least, that's what the legend says.

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