Immortality released for Netflix subscribers

Immortality released for Netflix subscribers

Dive into an interactive movie with the Immortality release on iOS and Android, exclusively for subscribers to the Netflix platform, increasingly present in our mobile games news. Let's see what's in store for you in this FMV game where your choices will decide the outcome of the investigation and the fate of Marissa Marcel.

Immortality release on mobile

Available since August on Steam, Sam Barlow's new title comes to mobile with the Immortality release on Android and iOS for Netflix subscribers.

Developed by the studio Half Mermaid, Immortality is one of the FMV games, i.e. made with live actors. This is the specialty of Sam Barlow, the creator of Her Story and Telling Lies.

The release of Immortality on mobile puts you in the shoes of a detective and you have a case to solve. Marissa Marcel, a promising young movie star, has disappeared. The only clues are the three never-released movies she was in.

It's up to you to uncover any information that could lead you to this young woman's trail and solve the investigation by uncovering the horror behind the scenes of the film industry.

An interesting concept that loses nothing on mobile

Despite the interesting and ambitious concept of making three films linked by a red thread, the Immortality release suffers from a relatively classic scenario. Nevertheless, the fans of fiction will be delighted by some reversals of situation and will appreciate the good acting proposed by the actors.

On the whole, the critics are praising this title that cleverly plays with the codes of cinema and narration, in order to confuse the player.

Immortality release: gameplay

Regarding the gameplay, the format of the game makes it very easy to adapt to the mobile format. However, Immortality contains long videos to load, which will require a little more than 12 GB of free space to run properly, although this is less than the Xbox version which requires 30 GB.

So much for the Immortality release, available for free on Android and iOS for Netflix subscribers. To keep up with the latest releases, check out our new mobile games page.

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