Humble Bundle for mobile games


Humble Bundle is a participatory and charitable platform that regularly offers a series of video games for sale at free prices for a limited period of time. You can find everything here, from mobile games to PC games and sometimes even books or comics (often in English.)

Why talk about Humble Bundle?

It is worth mentioning this platform because not only does it allow you to acquire games at a low price, but it also operates under an interesting sharing and charity system. Indeed, as a buyer you can decide to donate the funds back to the creators of the games, to non-profit organisations and to Humble Bundle (which hosts and offers its "sales".) Original format of the sales, each bundle is composed of several games (and several types of games), varying on average from 5 to 10 games. Although the buyer chooses the amount they wish to pay, some items are only available if they pay more than the average or a certain amount. This system will increase the overall average of funds and thus better reward the developers and associations.

The site also has a shop that offers promotions quite often, you can access it here for android games: Humble Bundle android.

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