Release of Hello Neighbor Diaries on Android

Hello Neighbor Diaries release

After a first opus released in 2018 on mobile, dive back into neighbourhood conflicts with Hello Neighbor Diaries release on Android. Help Nikki collect clues to reveal the truth about the events taking place in her neighbourhood. We give you our first impressions of this mobile infiltration game from tinyBuild.

A new 100% mobile opus

Although Hello Neighbor mobile port was a success, it was still a port. With Hello Neighbor Diaries release, we discover a game designed exclusively for mobile, both in its gameplay and in its economic system.

Hello Neighbor Diaries is an infiltration game that puts us in the shoes of Nikki, who is obsessed with the rumors of murders in her neighborhood. Her goal is to discover what her mysterious neighbor is hiding in his basement. To achieve this, be inventive by interacting with the elements around you to distract and avoid traps.

If your neighbour notices your presence, he will send you straight back to your room. After all, Nikki is just a child. However, she has gadgets to make up for her small size, such as bouncy boots, pairs of X-ray glasses and cups of cocoa with marshmallows.

Exit from Hello Neighbor Diaries : gadgets

To get more of these gadgets, head to your room to access the shop and collect your daily reward. Extra items can be exchanged for rubbish, the game's currency, but also for tickets, which can be bought with real money.

Hello Neighbor Diaries released on Android in selected regions

Hello Neighbor Diaries release on Android is only officially available in certain regions, namely Canada, Singapore and the Philippines. However, you can still download the game from TapTap to play it now on Android devices. For iOS users, pre-registration is open, but we don't have a release date.

Hello Neighbor Diaries release: The Neighbor's House

That's it for Hello Neighbor Diaries release on Android. This investigation and infiltration game makes a good first impression with its well-tuned gameplay and distinctive art direction. It remains to be seen whether the game will be as long-lasting as it should be and whether it will be updated regularly. To make sure you don't miss any news, I'll redirect you to our page dedicated to mobile news.

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