Farlight 84's HUNT mode gameplay finally revealed!

Farlight 84

Lilith Games finally reveals the HUNT mode gameplay for its mobile game Farlight 84! This gameplay was released yesterday in a very exciting trailer, in preparation for the release of its new game, Farlight 84, whose date is still unknown!

The mobile game Farlight 84 or the post-apocalyptic Battle Royale!

The developers have made it clear that the game is still in development! Lilith Games has nevertheless released the first gameplay footage of its (highly anticipated) HUNT mode! The gameplay video of Farlight 84 was released a short time ago and players are already quite happy with this brand new mode, never seen in a Battle Royale / moba. This one offers a taste of this new game, made by the creators ofAFK Arena and Warpathwhich will be available for user testing in a few days.

Here is the official Farlight 84 trailer and the first glimpse of the HUNT mode:

The game will be a mobile Battle Royale game with lots of different weapons and vehicles to drive! The game's universe is set in 2084, in the near future, following a great period of technological innovation. In this world, cybernetic prostheses are becoming commonplace, with its good sides and its bugs... As a result, an unknown virus has appeared on Earth, turning people with prostheses into zombies. The survivors must fight these creatures in an epic battle!

This gameplay introduces the HUNT mode, a PvP mode for up to 48 players. Each team will have a target player who must be hunted by the other players. The developers said that the mode should appeal to players even though the version seen in the trailer is not yet the final version.

Farlight 84 is available for pre-registration!

Farlight 84, mobile game preview
Farlight 84, mobile game preview

Pre-registration on iOS and Android is already open for the game Farlight 84! The game can also be pre-ordered on PC! If no date has been announced yet, Lilith Games assures us that pre-registered players will be contacted for testing! The closed beta test is announced for June 15th and will concern France, Russia, Australia, Brazil, India and Indonesia.

The game is not unlike the story of Deus Ex Machina, an interactive film with a similar plotline. But it's good to see a new futuristic free-to-play mobile Battle Royale game appear! Farlight 84 looks good with its Fortnite-like graphics and horror survival game feel! Those who want to get in on the action and who aren't on the beta testers' lists will have to wait until at least January 2022. This is, for the moment, the only information we have on the possible release date of this new game by Lilith Games!

Are you looking forward to playing this new post-apocalyptic Battle Royale game? We are! We've already pre-registered to bring you the game when it comes out! Leave us a comment to tell us what you think!

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