Dark and Darker Mobile, the port of the event game to be made by Krafton

Dark and Darker ported to android and ios mobile by Krafton and Ironmace

Are Krafton Studios and Ironmace a promising new duo for the future release of Dark and Darker Mobile? This extraction game plunges you into a medieval universe. It combines the codes of survival and Battle Royale style. After a great success on PC and a definite craze among players... Krafton's ambition is now to port Dark and Darker on mobile to iOS and Android smartphones. A great promise for fans of this recent release and mobile gaming enthusiasts! 

Dark and Darker Mobile, a promising game on Android and iOS

Indeed, the Krafton studio has pulled off a real masterstroke by finalizing a licensing agreement with game development company Ironmace. By obtaining the intellectual property (and therefore the license, IP) for Dark and Darker, Krafton is breathing new life into the game. In particular, it plans to port the game to cell phones .

Despite the controversy between Ironmace and Nexon, a South Korean studio which accuses certain developers of copyright infringement concerning the Dark and Darker license, Ironmace has finally decided to publish the game on its own launcher. Feedback has been extremely positive. However, the game is also experiencing a wave of cheating.

Dark and Darker on Android and iOS phones

In the wake of the "Battle Royale" trend, which has seen huge success on all gaming platforms, such as PUBG, Fall Guys or Fortnite, Krafton CEO Changhan Kim declared that extraction shooters like Dark and Darker Mobile would be the future of gaming. In fact, Krafton is working on its own extraction shooter, Project BlackBudget.

In keeping with the genre, the new mobile extraction game will combine cooperation, competition and survival. A sort of PvPvE, solo or trio, to put it simply. Licenses are now trying to find their way in this direction, to make their mark. Following feedback from the first players, it's a safe bet that Dark and Darker 's port of the license to Mobile will take its place in the phone gaming landscape.

Mobile development imminent with Krafton

While the game's style is currently appealing to PC gamers, Dark and Darker Mobile will also find a community of fans of extraction on iOS and Android. The game's concept is simple: you land in a dungeon filled with various enemies - skeletons, zombies or even other players - who try to block your path.

Dark and Darker ported to mobile by Krafton

To emerge victorious, you must collect as many treasures as possible from all over the map, then manage to escape from this strange and sinister place before time runs out. With its medieval allure, a phone port of Dark & Darker would have everything to stand out. At the end of the game, you can sell your treasures if you've managed to "extract" yourself from the dungeon. By selling them to a merchant, you gain a serious advantage over the next game. But if you die, you lose your loot and your advantage!

To familiarize yourself with the Dark and Darker Mobile universe, take a look at the trailer:

Working on a new range of mobile games, Krafton plans to include the intellectual property obtained with the Dark and Darker Mobile license. The game would thus join a list of phone-based licenses already established in the extractions shooter environment, such as Lost Light (inspired by Escape from Tarkov, one of the pioneers of the new wave), or the recently released Arena Breakout. We'll keep you posted on the project's development and potential future release, so don't miss our news roundups!

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