CSR Racing 3 release date: a beta in Malaysia, but no launch announcement

CSR Racing 3 release date

Good news for all fans of the CSR Racing licence! Thought to have been abandoned, the third instalment in the series is making a comeback, 8 years after the release of the second opus. The beta version of CSR Racing 3 has been available in Malaysia for a few days now. Which bodes well for a global launch in the near future! What do we know about the CSR Racing 3 release date? We take a look.

Release date unknown for CSR Racing 3, but a beta version in Malaysia

Can't wait to find out when CSR Racing 3 will be released? Unfortunately, for the time being, no information has been released by the developers. Nevertheless, it's highly likely that CSR Racing 3 will be released in 2024. Four years separate the first and second instalments. But everyone has been waiting 8 years for a sequel to CSR Racing 2.

CSR Racing 3 release date

Recently, however, things seem to be moving a little on the game front, with the release of an Android beta version in Malaysia. No mention has been made of a possible release of the beta in France or the rest of the world, but we can keep our fingers crossed! And if you have a VPN like CyberGhost, don't hesitate to use it to download and test the latest CSR Racing opus!

CSR Racing 3 beta reveals a few new features

Even though the release date for CSR Racing 3 has not yet been announced, we do have some information about the game that should keep you going until its launch is announced. Like its predecessors, CSR Racing 3 is a street racing game that's simple and intuitive to play, and in which you can customise your vehicles. But for its third opus, developers NaturalMotion Games have raised the bar a little higher, both in terms of graphics and content.

Improved graphics compared to CSR Racing 1 and 2

The first thing to note about this new opus is the improved graphics and the care taken with the artistic direction. At least, that's what the beta version of this third instalment of the licence has shown. In CSR Racing 3, players will enjoy a much more realistic dashboard and, overall, better-worked graphics, giving the game a more detailed and immersive feel.

New must-have vehicles

Any good racing game needs to offer some great cars. With CSR Racing 3, you're in for a treat! Porsche, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Ferrari... dozens of prestigious vehicles await you in this racing game. When you first start out in CSR Racing 3, your garage will, logically enough, be pretty empty. But as you progress, you'll unlock a whole host of cars to add to your collection.

new vehicles in CSR Racing 3

CSR Racing 3's promising single-player campaign

CSR Racing 3 features a single-player career mode that promises to be a real thrill. In this latest instalment in the series, you'll have access to prestigious new competitions all over the world, in Los Angeles, Italy and Tokyo, unlocking new parts and rewards.

CSR Racing 3 gamplay

CSR Racing, a series acclaimed by gamers

CSR Racing is a mobile games series (Android and iOS) consisting of two opuses. The first episode, soberly entitled CSR Racing, was released on 28 June 2012. Four years later, almost to the day, on 29 June 2016, its sequel, CSR Racing 2, was released.

Eight years have gone by and CSR Racing 3, although announced and available as a beta version in Malaysia, is still not available in the rest of the world, a blow to long-time fans. When CSR Racing was first released, this Free-to-Play game available first on iOS, then later on Android, grossed more than $12 million in just one month after its release. In 2012, it was one of the 10 most profitable iPhone games.

CSR Racing 3 - 1 release date

The CSR Racing 3 racing game will be released soon on Android and iOS mobile. Stay tuned for more information on its final release date.

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